Professional poker player earnings

professional poker player earnings

If you ever hear a poker pro speak about “variance free income,” they are referring to income that they make from poker that's not from playing. Playing online, which is the bedrock of my poker income, it doesn't matter what my face is doing (grimacing at the screen, usually). When I play. Matthew "mindcirkus" Wheat is a professional poker player. he knows that he has to do two hours of work to earn enough to pay for that item.


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The truth, however, is that whatever you might think about the morality of taking money from weaker players at the poker table, no one can question the amount of hard work and intelligence that it takes to become an elite poker player. Clearly though you can see that the best mid stakes grinders in the world will likely take home well over 6 figures per year. You have to figure those in as well to figure out you true profit. There isn't much time to mull over decisions. This gives you other options for making money at the tables. About Me My name is Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams. What Are Your Revenue Streams? Which way is best? I went to Aberdeen on a whim in February to play cash games, and almost cried with happiness looking over the docks. Recurring regular daily, weekly, monthly. What do you do? I certainly don't advise anyone to play 2 million hands at these stakes haha, tank tank those are some reasons why I did it.

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professional poker player earnings

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BlackRain79 October 29, at 2: For example, it used to be the case that a strong player could simply 3-bet pre-flop with a wide range and expect to make money from those around him folded too easily. Have a good day sir! However, despite those around him getting better he's still hailed as an elite player even though he's a major loser online. Financial problems led to sleepless nights which led to poor decision-making at the tables which led to more sleepless nights.

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